HOLIDAY GOLF LESSONS: for all your golfing desires

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Sometimes we really want to do something but life just gets in the way and the things we dream of doing get put on the back burner. This includes golf, whether it is getting yourself started or taking your game to the next level you’ve always dream about.

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We have the perfect antidote; make your next holiday or weekend break a time to immerse yourself into that dream. Holiday golf lessons give you the time to discover and practice without the outside distractions of your daily routine. A typical day would see you having 3 hours of tuition leaving you the rest of the day to really groove the new skill you are trying to improve. Over a three or four day period you will have time to cover every aspect of your game not just one from: the swing, chipping, putting, pitching or bunkers.

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You will also have time to play golf, you may even decide that you want some tuition on the course to see why you don’t transfer the skills across or improve your course management, the possibilities are endless.

I currently have 4 specific packages and will soon be adding a full day golf school for those with less time.
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About the author

I am a professional golfer and a Class AA member of the PGA GB & I. I inspire and improve golfers of all levels, currently at Thana City Golf Club, Bangkok and have been in Thailand for seven years. I am passionate about golf and want to bring the game to life making it fun for all including creating dreams for elite performers

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