GOLF FOR BEGINNERS: get yourself started to a lifetime of fun


Golf has many qualities but I think its’ most endearing quality has to be that people of all level’s can join in and play, more than that they can play together without the event being totally one-sided.

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We all take to activities in a different way, but I believe with good instruction and solid basics anyone can get to a level where they can enjoy the game. The key is getting started, the first time you hit the ball from the middle of the club and it goes forward airborne the seed is sewn and you will want more.

So what do you do? The first step is to head to the local driving range, hire a club and just jump straight in at the deep end. Don’t worry about your form just swing with careless abandon and have fun. Once you have seen the fun side it will be time to set yourself for a life in golf but what does this mean?

There are two must do things for the modern golfer to make sure they can enjoy a lifetime of fun (OK, I have to be honest some frustration too!) with golf. Firstly you must get yourself a solid foundation around which you can swing the club, you can read books and work on it yourself or find yourself a qualified PGA Professional. You need a sound grip, a knowledge of how to align both the club face and your body, know how wide apart to place your feet, understand where the ball should be placed in relation to your feet and have a good strong posture. Whilst they are all essential components of a good set up and the foundation, of all of these the grip and posture are my big two. Maybe because these are the two golfers of all levels struggle the most with, or maybe they just really are the two corner stones around which hitting golf balls are based, but without these you won’t get very far.

Once your foundations are good the second must do thing, is to head to the golf course. If you can find a mini golf course – usually called a Par 3 course – this will be ideal, if not a course of any level, preferably a very quite one, will be just as good. At this point it is worth putting a side note. ALL MEN, leave you egos at the door and head down to the ladies tees to get yourself started it really is the way forward when you start out trust me! The biggest problem I see as a golf teacher is producing the same results on course that you get on the range, this is because it is different, both the physical surroundings and the mental situation, and no matter what a Professional tries to teach the only way to get this is to get out on the course and experience those differences for yourself knowing exactly what it is you are trying to practice and why.

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About the author

I am a professional golfer and a Class AA member of the PGA GB & I. I inspire and improve golfers of all levels, currently at Thana City Golf Club, Bangkok and have been in Thailand for seven years. I am passionate about golf and want to bring the game to life making it fun for all including creating dreams for elite performers

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