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What if you could play golf in just 3 days?

That’s what our beginners package is designed for

• Learn the fundamentals golf is built around
• Work on all the different skills needed
• Experience playing situations
• Understand the clubs, the course and etiquettes

“The key to learning golf as a beginner is to get the fundamentals in place and correct. This will come from basic knowledge and lots of repetition, time we don’t normally have in day to day life”
Andrew Knott

Most golfing beginners and amateur players don’t fully appreciate just how important the fundamental positions of: alignment, hold, stance and posture, really are. The main reason is most beginners (and experienced golfers) are focused on step two – hitting the ball and seeing it fly high in the sky! There is no doubt that is the aim and of course the fun part of golf, but you can’t build the walls and put the roof on a house without digging deep and laying some foundations first!

  • Holding the club and standing correctly feel really uncomfortable
  • Having the time to practice these positions can be tough
  • Having the patience and focus to be very precise EVERY time you go to hit a shot seems excessive
  • I just want to hit the ball!

A lack of basic explanations on the cause and effect or influence these positions have on the impact between club and ball are probably the main reason why they don’t get enough attention. Couple this with a lack of simple drills, routines, practice schedules and lesson planning to leave a high percentage of golfers with a weak base to create a consistent golf swing on.

3 days/2 nights beginner package
Starting From 24,600 baht

  • 9 hours tuition (Choose from Director of Coaching or Coaching Professional)
    NB. Level of Professional is dependent on availability
  • Simulated short holes to understand how the skills come together
  • Range balls in tuition time
  • Unlimited use of short game practice facilities
  • Club rental (full set)
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Shuttle transfer to/from airport

Day One: We start with a general introduction to golf by looking at: the four main groups of golf clubs, why we have so many different golf clubs and most importantly how they work in hitting the ball. With that established it is time to work on the basics. We have plenty of time to learn each basic position: alignment, hold, stance, ball position and posture, relating it back to why it is so important. I keep the whole process fun by incorporating these positions into hitting golf balls – you can do it! We also take some time out to look at the golf course focusing on the different kind of holes and the distinctly different areas we play from.

When the days tuition is finished it is your chance to maximise the benefits of the package. Armed with simple and easy to remember drills you now have time you wouldn’t normally be able to afford to dedicated practice. With time now your golfing friend you can start to make those uncomfortable positions become natural, with a little effort and focus you will be amazed how quickly it all happens!
P.S. with your focus fixed firmly on the positions not on hitting the ball, notice how with each cycle it feels more natural and as it feels more natural hitting the ball becomes easier.

Day Two: We start the second day looking at the short game and an introduction to all of the shots that make up this area of the game: putting, chipping, pitching and bunkers. These skills combined form the bulk of shots played on the golf course and simple techniques need to be understood and applied in each area to maximise your golfing potential. I will take you through each technique where you will be putting theory into practice.

The second half of today’s session will be dedicated to looking at the basic principles of how we swing the club around us back on the driving range. I keep the movements required to complete the golf swing very simple and always give you the chance to understand what we are trying to achieve and the reasons why.

As with Day one it is now up to you to make the most of your time staying on site with all the time in the world and unrivalled facilities to practice on. Keep your practice sessions short but frequent to maximise progression.

Andrew has proved to be an excellent coach. He has responded to my needs in every way I could ask for. In my case I wanted go through the basics of all shots in golf. In addition to show the technique I also wanted him to explain the impact of the movements and why the ball reacts in a certain way. He has done that by examples which are very easy to understand, and which have been very useful for me in my practice.

Andrew’s knowledge and professional attitude together with his warm, hospital and relaxed personality makes it easy for me to strongly recommend to anyone who wants to improve his or her game.”

Conny Larsson – Sweden

Day Three: After a short warm and check up it is time to play golf with some simulated short holes on our extensive practice facilities, this is your first experience of what we are really here for to play golf. Whilst not being a real golf course it will give you that feeling and understanding of why the skills we have learnt in the previous 2 days are so important and how they come together, giving you the confidence to head to a golf course as soon as possible. I will also introduce to some golf’s etiquettes and rules that will endear you to your future playing partners and companions.

After playing there should be enough time to just run over any final points or have a debrief. We will have covered more information than you could ever have imagined over the 3 days and 9 hours of tuition but no need to panic or try to remember it all! All of the sessions will be noted as we go along and there for you to access in your personal account in my members area (free of charge) so that you can continually refer back to the details you need the most and the fundamental points that you can refer back to for as long as you are playing golf (currently Director of Instruction only).

P.S. All tuition is on a one to one basis, this is not group tuition and you will not be asked to join or for anyone else to join your tuition time.

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