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Will golf lessons really improve your game and score?

Five ways to make it happen

• 100% satisfaction guarantee
• Detailed review of all areas of your game
• Set realistic goals and targets
• Identify major faults that cause undesired shots
• Make technical fixes with drills to practice
• Find out how/when to take this to the golf course

“A fear of the unknown stops us from making the changes we need to help us improve our golf and get the scores we want. Taking the time to lay out a path right from the start gives us direction and a golfer no longer needs to fear the changing period”
Andrew Knott

Deciding if golf lessons are right for you can be a tough decision. If you knew that by taking lessons your game would improve, you could shoot the scores to talk about at the 19th hole and have the handicap of your dreams you would sign up right NOW! All to often it hasn’t worked out like that, there are too many reasons to list why maybe it didn’t work for you or a friend before. But it can be different, I never believed in taking lessons but it took me from an average 4 handicap golfer to a Professional golfer who got his name in a National newspaper. The RIGHT golf lessons could give you the game of your dreams too…

Bangkok Post – Tuesday July 24th 2007

“Andrew teaches golf in a relaxed friendly manner, he assesses your needs with a pre-lesson interview then you are given small targeted improvement classes. These allow for manageable changes to be made to your game without destroying your overall confidence. Andrew also realizes the game has a mental aspect to it as well so as well as the technical changes he also teaches how best to approach the game and each individual shot you make. Thus again creating a sense of confidence and stability. He also allows you time to improve outside of his classes, no pressure if felt to have to attend lessons but you can improve at your own pace. Knowing that he is there to correct any issues that may arise is comforting. I trust his methodology, what more do you need than that”

Jonathan Taylor – Bangkok Thailand

Golf Lessons that make a difference

For me to help you find your golfing dreams I follow a five step routine. These five steps enable us to work together as a team, to know where you currently are and where you want to get too.

  1. Detailed review of all areas of your game:
  2. Before we start hitting shots, I gather comprehensive background information, current handicap or average score; how long you have played; have you had tuition before; motivations to play the game; what you enjoy/dislike about playing; how competitive you are; other sports or activities played currently or in the past; current employment role; This will then be followed with your assessment of your strengths and weaknesses in each of the disciplines of the game: putting; chipping; pitching; bunkers; full swing (irons); full swing (woods). The final stage of review is for me to have a look at each of the disciplines.

    This 10 minute relaxed chat is essential to create a platform of where we are starting from, providing a detailed record to look back on and measure just how far we have come. More importantly it is your chance to evaluate where you are and what you have achieved to date.

  3. Set realistic goals and targets:
  4. With the back ground in place it is time too look forward. I want to know your expectations and goals both for the lessons and for the longer term, don’t be afraid to tell me what your golfing dream is and don’t be afraid of having lofty dreams, be bold and just tell me what it is.

    • Specific – do you have a certain score or handicap in mind, not just a rough idea, i.e. 7 not just single figures when referring to handicap
    • Measurable – can we actually see the improvement and assess it, i.e. to increase driver distance from 220 to 240 yards
    • Agreed – do we both think that what we have set out is what will achieve your dreams, remember we are a team!
    • Realistic – with certain criteria laid out i.e. amount of time for playing and practice, can it really be done.
    • Timed – we need to set some dates and time frames to achieve the goals and targets.

    This step will constantly be reviewed, especially over the first few lesson to make sure we have set realistic goals in a realistic time phase.

  5. Identify major faults that cause undesirable shots:
  6. It is common for golfers to come to lessons and when asked for their assessment of their strengths and weaknesses list all their swing faults, from hitting the driver right down to the putting. The assessment stage both for the golfer and for the Professional is what is happening to the ball after it is struck, it is only once this has been established and most importantly we have identified the characteristics we don’t like about the ball flight (or roll in the case of putting) that we can start to see where the technical faults lie.

    Video analysis, explanations and demonstrations will be used to show you were these faults lie and why they cause the undesirable shot. Simplicity is the key to fixing faults and improving at golf, we only want to concentrate on the technical areas that are affecting the ball flight. I believe simplicity means keeping the movements simple not the reasons why, I am always happy and encourage a better detailed look to fully understand cause and affect of the movements we are trying to make.

  7. Make technical fixes with drills to practice:
  8. With a sound platform in place and a direction of where we want to go it is time to make changes to the techniques, which always has the aim of changing the undesirable shot. Explanation and demonstrations will be given to show how to make the new movement followed by your chance to do the movements under my full supervision.

    Every golfer learns new movements in different ways, as you are trying the new movements I will be getting you to give me feedback to see what feeling it is that helps you change or wether you find out quicker isolating the movement. When we know what helps you make the change a set of drills and practice will be outlined for you to make the necessary improvements. You have as much time as you like to practice each new movement, there is no pressure to feel you have to come back at a certain point to learn the next stage.

    My extensive members area, which you will have unlimited access to, provides extensive notes from each lesson and a vast range of worksheets for you to record your development on amongst many other tools. Video can be emailed to you separately.

  9. Find out how and when to take this to the golf course:
  10. This is the most neglected part of a lesson and the major reason why many golfers see improvement in their shots on the range but on the golf course things stay the same.

    There are various types and stages of practice, you will need to know what they are and when to use them in order to be able to take the improved technique and shots to the course. I will show you the many ways to use these practice techniques, along with creating routines and course strategy to make sure that any improvements affect the most important part of the game your score and most importantly your enjoyment

Golf lessons with 100% Guarantee

no risk, if you don’t enjoy the experience


I believe in my methods, I believe in my knowledge and experience and I believe in my ability to inspire you to improve your game, but I also know that as humans we just don’t connect with everyone. Therefore I accept that not everyone who comes to me for a lesson will find that inspiration and connection.

Will I inspire and connect for you to improve?

No need to have any doubts here is your 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE chance to assess me. See If you think I will inspire you to the golf of your dreams. There is no need to sign up for big packages or memberships, just BOOK ONE LESSON NOW, and you decide what to pay later:
1. If you were happy with the lesson and want to continue, pay for a six lesson package.
2. If you were happy with the experience but don’t want to continue at this point, just pay for a standard one hour lesson.
3. If you were dissatisfied with the lesson or my approach to improving your game I WON’T CHARGE YOU A THING – YOU CAN HAVE THE EXPERIENCE FOR FREE, 100% GUARANTEED!

NB. We have recently changed our product line and we now have several instructors, we
still guarantee our service but need to fit into the new services – so please ask us what the guarantee is.

Ready to have fun and realise your golfing dreams?

Perfect Swing Asia Lesson Tariff – January 2014
Standard Lessons and Packages
(All Professionals’: Director of Coaching and Coaching Professional)
Professional Hourly Rate Package Rate Description
Director of Coaching 4,000 baht Platinum, Gold and Silver Standard lesson in any area of the game
Packages 3 months all inclusive
Coaching Professional 1,500 baht 7,500 baht Standard lesson in any area of the game
Package of six 1 hour standard lessons in any area of the game. Suitable for beginners introduction to golf
Playing Lessons
Course/Playing Lesson 18 Holes – 5 hours
9 holes – 3 hours
Standard on course session, if Professional plays then all fees (green/caddie) and tip to be covered.

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