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“Nothing is more fulfilling than getting to the end of a tiring 3 hour session and hearing the kids run to their parents asking if they can come back again tomorrow. Knowing you have helped to make golf fun for juniors is a great feeling.”
Andrew Knott

When the holidays come around it can be hard to know just what to do with your children, especially in the long summer breaks. With few options for them to have fun here in Bangkok many parents head off on long extended vacations, but feedback from many parents has told me that if there was something fun and educational available they would stay.

Junior golf development has come a long way in recent years and ensuring the program is fun is key for juniors of all ages and abilities to improve, learn and most importantly want to keep coming back. Sharing the experience of golf with others of the same age is by far the best way for juniors to learn to play golf.

My own development and love for golf was born in this kind of environment. As a member of a golf club I was part of an enthusiastic junior section where the younger beginners where invited and encouraged to play with the older better players. Playing with others of my age and ability coupled with the inspiration of the older players made me WANT to play and practice everyday. I can clearly remember being so bitterly disappointed one summer when our family holiday to Greece came around as that meant 2 weeks of no golf!

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Junior camp programs

Due to other commitments Perfect Swing Asia is no longer able to provide Junior Golf Camps in the foreseeable future. I will however endeavour to keep up to date with what is happening in and around Bangkok to keep you informed.

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want to get camp details by e mail or join our next program

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