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• 100% satisfaction guarantee
• Shared experiences are enhanced experiences
• Motivate and encourage each other
• Husbands and wives
• Brothers, sisters or parents
• Friends and colleagues

“What makes golf such a special sport is that it can be shared at all levels by all people of all ages”
Andrew Knott

It can be hard in modern life finding quality time to spend with your partner, sharing experiences or doing something fun with your kids that they can remember, or just connecting with an old or new friend – Time just gets away from us. But for millions around the world they found their solution in playing golf.

I have many fond memories of playing golf with my Dad: from my very first round of golf when I must have hit at least 150 shots, through golfing holidays to Europe in my teens, family competitions, partnering him in club matches to now when he comes to Thailand and we just enjoy a friendly game, experiencing some great courses. But golf can stretch us further than this and my fondest memories are of playing golf with my Grandad and on occasions we might get three generations out there together! You too can share these moments with your loved ones

  • Share quality time together
  • Create experiences and memories that last a lifetime
  • Enjoy the natural environment from where ever you happen to be
  • Great excuse to take weekends away and experience new courses
“Myself and my son Johan age 11 have regularly practiced golf with the golf pro Andrew Knott.

Andrew has proved to be an excellent coach. He has responded to my needs in every way I could ask for. In my case I wanted go through the basics of all shots in golf. In addition to show the technique I also wanted him to explain the impact of the movements and why the ball reacts in a certain way. He has done that by examples which are very easy to understand, and which have been very useful for me in my practice.

Furthermore Andrew has by way of many examples talked and discussed the mental part of the game as well as course management. I have looked forward to every lesson and I have felt great joy and eagerness to go out and play golf after the lesson. My game has improved a lot and my confidence has got a real boost.

My son Johan started with Andrew as coach in after school activities. When he finished that he wanted to join me in my private lessons. The way Andrew has taken on Johan, and handled the situations when Johan has not managed to perform as well as he would have liked to, has made a great impression on me. Johan has improved his game tremendously and I can now enjoy playing any course with my son.

Andrew’s knowledge and professional attitude together with his warm, hospital and relaxed personality makes it easy for me to strongly recommend to anyone who wants to improve his or her game.”

Conny and Johan Larsson – Swedish Embassy Bangkok

Being able to play golf together gets you away from the day to day life and transports you to a place that seems far removed for four to five hours where you can enjoy the walk, the beautiful surroundings, nature, each others undivided attention and of course the golf. It can be played competitively or just for the joy of hitting nice shots and holing putts. Golf is also now a very global game so why not include it in the itinerary of your family holiday or even build a holiday with your friends around playing golf.

  • Enjoy the learning experience and development together
  • Share the fun moments of improvement
  • Encourage each other if things don’t go so well
  • Create some competition to keep inspiring each other
  • Provide motivation to go to that next lesson when otherwise you might call off!
  • Create lasting memories

Taking lessons together will enhance that bond. I teach many husband and wives, fathers and sons, young brothers/sisters who can use the lessons to encourage and motivate each other. The lessons take many forms from one hour joint lessons, where I will move between both students, to back to back individual lessons where one practices while the other one learns, or a mixture of both so we can fit swing and short game in. The process is totally flexible to fit with the students needs, especially when you are at varying levels.

It doesn’t matter whether you are both starting out and are at the same level, or are at complete opposite ends of the scale there is always something to share and I will endeavour to create that bond. It could be teaching the basic principles at the same time, getting each player to spot what the other one needs to do so they can help when I am not around, especially in the case of a more experienced player, better understanding each others characteristics or creating a competitive edge to get the best out of you both. Learning together is the fun way to go!

Golf lessons with 100% Guarantee

no risk, if you don’t enjoy the experience


I believe in my methods, I believe in my knowledge and experience and I believe in my ability to inspire you to improve your game, but I also know that as humans we just don’t connect with everyone. Therefore I accept that not everyone who comes to me for a lesson will find that inspiration and connection.

Will I inspire and connect for you to improve?

No need to have any doubts here is your 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE chance to assess me. See If you think I will inspire you to the golf of your dreams. There is no need to sign up for big packages or memberships, just BOOK ONE LESSON NOW, and you decide what to pay later:
1. If you were happy with the lesson and want to continue, pay for a six lesson package.
2. If you were happy with the experience but don’t want to continue at this point, just pay for a standard one hour lesson.
3. If you were dissatisfied with the lesson or my approach to improving your game I WON’T CHARGE YOU A THING – YOU CAN HAVE THE EXPERIENCE FOR FREE, 100% GUARANTEED!

NB. We have recently changed our product line and we now have several instructors, we still guarantee our service but need to fit into the new services – so please ask us what the guarantee is.

Ready to create a life time of memories?

Joint Lesson Price available on application

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