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Looking for golf lessons but don’t know where to start?

Golf Lessons for all

• 100% satisfaction guarantee
• Adults: ladies and men, beginner to elite performer
• Couples: Partners, parents and friends
• Junior development: beginners to champions
• Holistic training: look after your body and mind
• Tuition breaks: 3 or 4 day intensive training

“When coaching the level of the player is not important it is their desire to improve and their joy from improving that makes the experience such a fulfilling process for me” Andrew Knott

Whether you are a beginner looking to start out in the game, an experienced golfer wanting to improve, a parent wanting the best development route for their child or an elite player wanting to make it on tour, choosing the right coach for golf lessons can be a daunting task.

  • How many golf lessons will I need before I can play on the course?
  • I don’t want to mess my swing up; I have a competition next week!
  • I slice the ball because……….myriad of technical issues!
  • What age can my child start to discover golf?

The game of golf is flooded with answers to all of these questions and many more; the problem is there are 10 answers for every question!

No matter what our level we all want to be able to hit the ball, at the start we are just happy with getting it in the air but as time goes on you want to hit it further and straighter, you want to chip the ball closer, hole putts from further away and of course get the ball out of the bunker in a simple confident manner.

I have built my golf teaching and Perfect Swing Asia’s philosophy on the belief that the learning process should be fun with the technical aspects kept as simple as possible.

“With so much information and opinions out there it is all to easy to get confused by it all. Try to keep the movements and your thoughts as simple as possible at all times.”
Andrew Knott

No one person is ever taught in exactly the same way, we are all individual and therefore have different needs, but I base my core belief around simple explanations of cause and effect, with everything related back to the ball flight. When a golfer of any level can start to understand the simple effects of just 5 laws through the impact area the swing or stroke becomes a lot simpler to perform.
What not to think about, the complex golf swing!

Dear Andrew…

I would like to thank you for your efforts to make me a better golfer. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the golf lessons and I got excellent results on the course as well (whenever my brain lasted 18 holes…). I have recommended your services to every new or old golfer I have met in Bangkok, as you were by far the best teacher I have ever taken golf lessons from and that’s not just flattery..

Kaarlo Laakso – Swedish Embassy Bangkok

Qualifications – why come to me?

I am a class AA PGA Professional (member PGA of Great Britain & Ireland) and as such have undertaken intensive training at University degree and UK government training level (level 2 coach) to be able to provide the best golf lesson experience available. This training includes areas such as:

  • The technical aspects of the movements (swings/stroke) in all areas of the game
  • Running group sessions and teaching on a one to one basis
  • How to plan sessions and linking series of lessons together
  • The learning process and how different people find out
  • Junior development
  • Sports science
  • Equipment technology and custom fitting

Further to my qualifications with the PGA I am continually adding to my knowledge and experience, this is an never ending process to strive to always improve the service I provide. My further qualifications include:

  • Mind Factor Coach – The world renowned sports psychologist Karl Morris who has worked with several major winners, has a team of qualified coaches, of which I am very proud to be part of. We are here to provide simple and easy ways to improve mental aspect of play and preparation
  • Golf Mind Certified – Dr. Brian Hemmings another leading sports psychologist who works with several successful European Tour players. The certificate is backed by the PGA to provide members with qualifications to train golf’s mental side.
  • Frankly Golf Certified Putting Instructor – Frank Thomas, another leading name in golf. Frank worked with the USGA for more than 20 years is one of the leading experts in the mechanics of putting. This is another certificate backed by the PGA.

Short game and course management

It seems to be common belief that the game of golf and more importantly success revolves around the full swing, including hitting the driver a long way. There is no doubt that these are important factors in good performance but they don’t give us the full picture. More shots in a round of golf are played from inside 100 yards no matter what the level of your game. Therefore it makes sense that improving your ability in this area will have a greater affect on your score.

As a PGA Professional I am qualified to teach much more than just the full swing and I like to make sure that the appropriate amount of focus is given to the short game:

  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Bunkers
  • Course management and scoring

If you are taking more than 36 putts in a round of golf; if it takes you (on average) more than 3 shots to get in the hole from 10 yards off the green; or if you take more than 1 shot to get out of the bunker then you need to think about some short game lessons to improve your score and lower your handicap.

If any of the above sounds like your golf game I will reduce your score!

Golf lessons with 100% Guarantee

no risk, if you don’t enjoy the experience


I believe in my methods, I believe in my knowledge and experience and I believe in my ability to inspire you to improve your game, but I also know that as humans we just don’t connect with everyone. Therefore I accept that not everyone who comes to me for a lesson will find that inspiration and connection.

Will I inspire and connect for you to improve?

No need to have any doubts here is your 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE chance to assess me. See If you think I will inspire you to the golf of your dreams. There is no need to sign up for big packages or memberships, just BOOK ONE LESSON NOW, and you decide what to pay later:
1. If you were happy with the lesson and want to continue, pay for a six lesson package.
2. If you were happy with the experience but don’t want to continue at this point, just pay for a standard one hour lesson.
3. If you were dissatisfied with the lesson or my approach to improving your game I WON’T CHARGE YOU A THING – YOU CAN HAVE THE EXPERIENCE FOR FREE, 100% GUARANTEED!

NB. We have recently changed our product line and we now have several instructors, we still guarantee our service but need to fit into the new services – so please ask us what the guarantee is.

Planned Practice

In my opinion the biggest single reason why golfers who put the time in to practice don’t see improvement is in correct practice and a lack of planning to their practice, this covers both when trying to change or improve technique or when trying to practice to improve performance. This has become an area of expertise for me especially when working with elite golfers.

To practice effectively you must firstly know what you want achieve from the practice session, then plan how you will go about it. In the very simplest terms practice can be split into 4 areas

  1. Technical practice: keep your focus singularly on the new movement you are trying to make
  2. Performance practice: play games and challenges that have a way of being measured and keep score
  3. Experimental practice: learn what the club can do when you manipulate it and see how to get out of trouble
  4. Beating balls: if you just want to hit balls for fun with no genuine desire to improve

If you need to know how to practice better to improve your performance, I guarantee this is the single biggest thing you can change

The Golfers Mind

I have long been a student on the mental side of the game, and in recent years I have gained qualifications with leading sports psychologists and Sports Mind trainers to be able to coach golfers of all levels the simple skills of how the mind works and how this will effect performance.

It is my belief that to understand consistent levels of performance we have to go beyond technique and understand how technique works. In this respect what I mean is technique? To me it is a series of movements created by movement from the muscles and joints, and how do those muscles make movements? From the sub conscious brain sending signals through the nervous system! Therefore it goes to mind that if our brain is not in a consistent place or we play and practice with our brain in totally different places, then the signals sent will be different and ultimately the movement will be different.

I incorporate the control of this into all of my lessons and can also focus more heavily in just this area, which I do with some of Thailand’s leading professionals. I also have a great fun system called Golf Pre-Shot Routine, to help you create what should be as important a fundamental as grip, posture and alignment

Hi Andrew…

Just wanted to drop you a short note of thanks for our recent 3 day teaching session which I really enjoyed. It certainly exceeded my expectations and was the best such clinic I’ve ever attended. Your easy going, calm demeanor made it a comfortable environment. Your attention to the correct advice for “my swing” proved very effective for me. Access to putting greens, sand traps, pitching areas, etc. made it easier to put your advice into practice. And see the results.

The end result is that you’ve enthused me to become a better player and I look forward putting your ideas into practice at the driving range and golf courses in future.

I look forward to our next lesson … after I do some more practice.

John Hodge – Bangkok

Teaching Facilities

I am based at Thana City Golf Club, just 25KM from central Bangkok. Thana City provide some of the best facilities the capital has to offer for my focus on golf performance. I also have strong connections with several other leaders in their field such as golf fitness, nutrition, custom fitting and club maintenance giving me the opportunity to cover any and every aspect of the game you may want to work on.

Thana City Golf Club: I was very pleased to reach an agreement with Thana City to use their excellent, recently refurbished, practice facilities for my lessons. Thana City has all the facilities needed for golfers of all levels – from absolute beginners through to Tour Professionals – to discover their best golf.

The driving range at Thana City has recently under gone extensive renovation and, providing a large scope for all manner of lessons from one on one to group clinics, this also includes a new grass hitting area. Video analysis can be carried out on the move using the amazing iPad2 in conjunction with the best golf analysis apps of SwingReader Pro and V one Golf. For a more in depth look at how the body works we can analyse all movements with K-Vest.

Thana City Golf Club also has fantastic facilities for short game golf lessons, with three short game greens – one for putting and the other two for chipping, pitching and bunkers. The pitching areas located to the side of the range provides an unrivalled and unique opportunity for sharpening up those pitch shots from 30 – 90 yards, and for junior beginners to build fun courses and games to make the experience a lasting one.

Thana City Golf Club boasts one of the best golf courses in the Bangkok area. Designed by the golfing legend Greg Norman, it has had a lot of work done in the last 3 years to make sure it is always in great condition and rounds keep flowing. It is also proud to have been chosen to host the 2013 Thailand Open, a One Asia event co-sanctioned with the Japanese Tour. You are sure to enjoy the layout. NB. keep an eye out for my up coming video series on how to play Thana City

Thana City Golf Club also boasts a magnificent clubhouse where we will provide Golf Mind seminars. The facility is also renovating the leisure area (open March 2013) that will host some of the best facilities for fitness and lifestyle which tie in perfectly to my holistic approach to golf training.

Ready to improve your scores and have more fun?

Perfect Swing Asia Lesson Tariff – January 2014
Standard Lessons and Packages
(All Professionals’: Director of Coaching and Coaching Professional)
Professional Hourly Rate Package Rate Description
Director of Coaching 4,000 baht Platinum, Gold and Silver Standard lesson in any area of the game
Packages 3 months all inclusive
Coaching Professional 1,500 baht 7,500 baht Standard lesson in any area of the game
Package of six 1 hour standard lessons in any area of the game. Suitable for beginners introduction to golf
Playing Lessons
Course/Playing Lesson 18 Holes – 5 hours
9 holes – 3 hours
Standard on course session, if Professional plays then all fees (green/caddie) and tip to be covered.
Perfect Swing Asia Junior Lesson Tariff – January 2014
Product SINGHA Player or Member of Elite Juniors Other Junior Inclusions
Elite/Development Junior Programme 2,000 baht
per session

18,000 baht 10 sessions

Not applicable Saturday – 8am to 12noon: Proper Practice
Wednesday – 3.30pm t0 6.00pm: Practice and Development
Friday – 3.30pm to 6.00pm: 9 holes on course
Director of Coaching hourly lesson fee 2,000 baht 4,000 baht Standard lesson in any area of the game
Coaching Professional hourly lesson fee 800 baht 1,000 baht Standard lesson in any area of the game
Coaching Professional 6 lesson package Not applicable 5,000 baht Programme of standard lesson in any area of the game
Playing Lessons
Course/Playing Lesson 18 Holes
5 hours
9 Holes
3 hours
18 Holes
5 hours
9 holes
3 hours
Standard on course session, if Professional plays then all fees (green/caddie) and tip to be covered.
Course/Playing Lesson with Tour Pro 18 Holes 10,000 baht 18 Holes 14,000 baht Play 18 holes with a tour pro and have your Professional walk the first 9 holes. Course fees to be paid as above.
Tournament Visit 6 hours per day plus expenses 6 hours per day plus expenses Pre tournament preparation, in tournament following: Game plans; range work; warm up; cool down; feed back. (Expenses include travel costs and accommodation)
NB. This can be shared between 2 or more players

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