The Technique Myth

7 Secrets to lower Golf Scores

• How to truly lower your golf scores
• What do you want to achieve
• Where are you now
• Practice that makes a difference
• Equipment
• Your coach
• Physiology and fitness
• Your golf game
• and Much more

The Technique Myth
Seven Secrets In The Search For Lower Golf Scores
Launched 15th January 2014

For many years I dreamed one day I would write a book, I had many different dreams of what it might be but I suppose I never really thought it would happen – well it has! and it is now available on eBook. I only tell you this because it underlines what the theme of the book is, if you have a dream and take action it can become reality!

I am very fortunate to have the book forwarded by Karl Morris, Europe’s leading mind coach (5 major winners) and with testimonials from world class sportsmen, Asian Tour winners, journalists and successful students the book explains the myths behind learning, developing and improving at golf with a simple clear picture of what you need to do if you want to see an improvement in your performance.

If your dream is to shoot lower golf scores, hit better golf shots and have more fun playing golf, but don’t know how to go about doing it, this book gives you a blueprint to achieving that dream. However there is one thing you have to bring – you have to be serious about wanting to improve and ready to take action, there is no magic in this book!

Follow Your Dreams You never know where they will lead!

What they said

Knott unravels golf myths

Thailand-based PGA pro Andrew Knott has notched up a career highlight by penning his first e-book published by Amazon.

Knott, nephew of England wicket-keeping legend Alan, has written The Technique Myth – seven secrets in the search for lower scores.

The book chronicles Knott’s philosophy that bringing your handicap down is not just solely about technique but involves several aspects of performance.

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PGA Website (January 2014)


If you’re truly serious about getting the most out of your golf game, then this is one book you can’t afford to miss. Andrew Knott has an engaging turn of phrase, a deep knowledge of all aspects of golf … and a contagious enthusiasm. One of the most readable ‘game-improvement’ books I’ve come across.
Spencer Robinson – Independent Golf Journalist and former managing editor Asian Golf Monthly (September 2013)


‘The Technique Myth’ by Andrew Knott that is as timely as it is important to your game. You will have the opportunity within the pages of this book to look at the game through a new lens offering you the opportunity to grow as a golfer and maybe even as a person as well. The golfer with the closed mind who dismisses anything other than swing technique, as frippery will MISS a wonderful opportunity to explore what I have heard called ‘the art of the possible’.

A well researched, well presented series of ideas from a coach of the future that you will be hearing a lot about. Take advantage of the information now and enjoy the read
Karl Morris – Coach to 5 Major Champions (September 2013)


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Through Andrew I found something in common between my first sport (tennis) to compare with my new sport of choice – golf, which is a great way to help a player understand the game to set up the motivation to practice. Since I started to play and met Andrew I feel like he can help me understand ‘the game’ much quicker and this understanding of how the overall game is played is the way it should be.

What is good in a coach is that they make you feel confident and positive about what you are trying to do and thanks to Andrew this is exactly how I feel.
Paradorn Srichaphan – Thai sporting legend and former world No.9 ATP tennis professional (September 2013)


Andrew has so much enthusiasm for golf both with the physical technique of playing and the mental approach needed, whether you are playing your first round ever, or trying to win a major tournament.
I have spent many pleasant hours being quizzed by Andrew about how I and my other sporting colleagues went about the facets of our respective games. He has a great hunger to learn all he can, to gain the knowledge, which he can analyze, ready to pass on to those he teaches.

I would love to take this opportunity to wish Andrew and those he teaches, great fun and much success – Good luck always.”
Alan Knott – English Cricketing Legend and Veteran of 95 Test Matches (September 2013)


“I feel my game has improved with coaching from Andrew. I now understand my problem is all about thinking, which is blocking my performance. Andrew has advised me the way to think, he didn’t change me but adapted me in a way I can easily understand and that suits my style – it is important that he is brining my uniqueness back. I feel no need to force myself but slowly adjust.”
Thammanoon Sriroj – 5 time winner on Asian Tour (September 2013)


From 1987 to 1999, I was the golf Professional at Shooters Hill Golf Club on the borders of South East London and Kent; this is where I first meet Andrew. A junior member and a very good cricketer he always had an interest and a thirst for knowledge about golf and the golf swing. We would share large sections of my day with theories on aspects of his game, feeding his hunger for knowledge on different techniques and variants of the golf swing or putting stroke. He left golf for a while to work in a bank but I knew this was not for him and I was delighted to hear that he had become a member of the Professional Golfers Association I was honoured to be at the ceremony of his qualification.
Andrew’s career is now heading in the direction that it was always destined to go, his thirst for knowledge is still as keen as ever and I am sure this book will be one of many he creates for all golfers to learn from and enjoy this wonderful game.

Mike Ridge – PGA Member Burford Golf Club (September 2013)


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