Club Fitting

Ever wondered if your clubs are holding you back?

Use clubs made for you

• Get the correct lie angle and length
• Get the correct shaft type (material) and flex
• Get the correct grip size and style
• Get the correct set make up and choice of clubs
• Get custom fitted for all your clubs

“Golf can be a tough game at the best of times, but if you are using equipment that doesn’t match your needs it just became even harder!”
Andrew Knott

Golf equipment is a multi billion dollar industry, the manufacturers are producing scientifically proven high tech clubs that should be making the game easier, but in many cases it just doesn’t happen.

A golf club is made up of several components and variations, these components and the variations make the club perform very differently as we swing. As we are all different shapes and sizes with differing strength and swing characteristics the clubs components will act differently as we swing it. If you are swinging a club who’s components do not match your size and swing characteristics at best you will be inconsistent at worst just unable to hit the ball or get it airborne!

Do you know your swing characteristics?
Some golfers are quite confident at listing their swing faults, but most have very little idea about the actual characteristics of their swing: swing speed; swing path; club face angle at impact; where on the club face they strike the ball, all of these and more are important factors in knowing what is the right club set up for you.

A common scenario for buying clubs, is this you?

You have decided it is time for some new golf clubs, you do some research (reading, infomercials, talking to friends) on the latest models, which drivers hit the ball the furthest or what brand your favourite player uses, maybe even trial a demo model if you can find one. Then it is off to the local store or search online to get the best price!

Now you have your new shiny clubs, it’s off to the course or the range to try them out. Maybe they go great for the first few times but that soon wares off, or maybe you just struggle to hit them from the beginning, either way you tell yourself they need some getting used to or more likely that it is just your same old swing faults. Chances are that at least two of those clubs characteristics don’t match your current swing and when that happens, swing faults or not it’s sure to affect your distance, direction and quality of strike.

  • Just don’t hit it far enough - it’s likely your shaft doesn’t match your swing features
  • Not striking the ball in the sweet spot - it’s all in the length and stiffness
  • Always hit the ball left/right - it could be the lie angle
  • Never seem to have the right club for the distance - could be in the set make up
  • Other factors affecting all of the above - club head design, loft, grip size, and general condition

The good news is these factors are all measurable and even better with modern technology the components and variations of a club can be made and modified specifically to your measurements and requirements. The process takes no more than an hour and at the end you will know what you need to play your best.

Prepare like a Pro

The top professional’s would never play with club’s that weren’t made specifically to match their swings. But you are not a top Pro! Even more reason, the fact is that Professional’s could still play to a high standard with some regular clubs because they have the ability and experience to make the adjustments to their set up and swing needed to hit that club. But can you? It’s unlikely.

Professional’s have been having their clubs made to measure for 100′s of years. Once this was a privilege only available to the best players but for more than 25 years it has been open to all and it is open to you.

How to get custom fitted

As a PGA Professional Class AA member I have been trained and passed exams in custom fitting, I have also gained certification as a custom fitter from PING, industry pioneers and leaders in custom fit clubs for the main stream market.

At Perfect Swing Asia we provide a full custom fitting service, assessing your current equipment, taking your static measurements and dynamically testing you for every component of the golf club using Henry Griffits fitting system and provide a no obligation fully independent report that can then be taken to any club manufacturers shop to place an order that will match your own personal requirements. If you have a specific brand in mind after we have provided all the details we can either get the fitting team in or recommend where to go for each brand.

  • I will fit you for lie angle - the angle the shaft comes out of the clubhead: a major factor in offline shots especially with the more lofted clubs
  • I will fit you for length - the overall length of the shaft: a major factor in quality of strike
  • I will fit you for shaft material - graphite v steel: a major factor both in distance and wrist/elbow injuries
  • I will fit you for shaft flex - how much bend a shaft creates through the swing: a major factor in both distance and curvature in ball flight
  • I will fit you for club head design - How easy and forgiving it is on mis-hit shots
  • I will fit you for grip size and style - how you position your hands and grip pressure: a major factor in direction and distance
  • I will fit you for set make up - what clubs you choose to make up your 14: a major factor in the choice of shots available on the course
  • Fittings for Irons
  • Fittings for Drivers, Fairway woods and Hybrids
  • Fittings for Wedges
  • Fittings for Putters
  • Fitting for complete sets and set make up

NB. For full iron set and driver or other specialist options will require more than one session

Why pay, don’t shops provide this service for free?

All of the leading manufacturers will fit you and have your clubs made to measure, they sometimes charge a fee and that will be deducted from the end price or it is just free. But if you choose not to buy you won’t have anything useful to take to another shop for buying. It is also in their interest to sell their product to you, although I fit using HG equipment I have no interests or benefits from what clubs you buy, I DO NOT TAKE ANY COMMISSIONS, my report is fully independent, my recommendations will be based on facts and figures not actual names. This means negotiating your purchases is all down to you, this we don’t get involved with!

You also get the peace of mind your fitting was carried out by a PGA Professional golfer who has been trained not only to fit clubs but to analyse all ball flight issues and other swing flaws that could be causing undesirable ball flight and results. the cost of the fitting, if buying a full set, will be less than 5% of what you spend on the clubs (dependent on what you buy) surely that is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that you have certified, expert and professional advice that is totally independent.

Will the clubs cost more to order?
No, other than my charge for the fitting service most manufacturers will not charge anymore for your clubs to be built to your specifications, you will just have to wait approximately 4 weeks for them to be made and delivered.

After fitting service
Moving forward - I recommend that you make records with your old clubs and your new clubs to assess what improvements in direction and distance have been made. Why not have a playing lesson to make sure that the final fit is exactly right for you, if not slight alterations can me made to put them right. This should always be an ongoing process as your swing will change over time therefore you need to monitor the clubs performance, slight adjustments can be made to the club to accommodate this.

One hour fitting session just 2,000 Thai Baht (includes full written report)

Henry Griffitts
Henry Griffitts are the leading specialists in custom fitting and we have a long affiliation with their professional fitting system in Bangkok – I can strongly recommend their staff and would be happy to put you in touch with them for all your needs.

Ready to give yourself the chance to play your best golf?

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