CORPORATE GOLF: the winning formula for your business


How to win friends and influence people? Yes the title of Dale Carnegie’s book. Unfortunately to this point I have yet to read this masterpiece from 1936 but it could be written about golf!

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For many years the golf course has been seen as the place to do business, the setting the volatility of the game and the social status all lend to give the game a very business air. However there is one draw back, it takes a long time to complete a round of golf, so unless the meeting is of vital importance can you afford 6 hours plus (with travel time and food) to this client? If 6 hours seems a little lavish then there could be an answer to your dilemma, the golf clinic.

Golf clinics can last for just an hour or two, involve up to 15 or 20 people and be designed for all levels of golfers to have fun. Beginners can have an introduction to the golf, whilst experienced players of all levels can discover how to make practice fun and get the most out of their own practice sessions, to name but a few ideas.

So if you want to entertain a new customer or give your staff a boost why not try a golf clinic.

For more information on clinics visit our golf clinic or corporate clinics pages

About the author

I am a professional golfer and a Class AA member of the PGA GB & I. I inspire and improve golfers of all levels, currently at Thana City Golf Club, Bangkok and have been in Thailand for seven years. I am passionate about golf and want to bring the game to life making it fun for all including creating dreams for elite performers

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