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“Nothing is more important than knowing a student has gained enjoyment and improvement from lessons, this is my favourite page”
Andrew Knott


Through Andrew I found something in common between my first sport (tennis) to compare with my new sport of choice – golf, which is a great way to help a player understand the game to set up the motivation to practice. Since I started to play and met Andrew I feel like he can help me understand ‘the game’ much quicker and this understanding of how the overall game is played is the way it should be.

What is good in a coach is that they make you feel confident and positive about what you are trying to do and thanks to Andrew this is exactly how I feel.
Paradorn Srichaphan – Thai sporting legend and former world No.9 ATP tennis professional (September 2013)


“I feel my game has improved with coaching from Andrew. I now understand my problem is all about thinking, which is blocking my performance. Andrew has advised me the way to think, he didn’t change me but adapted me in a way I can easily understand and that suits my style – it is important that he is brining my uniqueness back. I feel no need to force myself but slowly adjust.”
Thammanoon Sriroj – 5 time winner on Asian Tour (September 2013)


Hey Andrew,

I just shot 84 at Summit Windmill. Best and first score in 80′s ever. Super stoked!

Have a good one

Clinton Green – Commercial diver, Bangkok Thailand (October 2013)


“Andrew has taken my golf to another level. Not just from improving my technique but also, and probably more importantly, in improving my mental approach to the game in practice and on the course. Following Andrew’s advice, my practice sessions have become more productive by being more result orientated and closer to the experience and pressure of being on the course. Andrew’s coaching has also helped me approach each shot on the course with a more consistent mental approach and routine. We have also made some solid improvements in the fundamentals of my swing – not by adopting an off the shelf swing but by improving my understanding of the swing fundamentals and the changes required to produce a more consistent result on the course.

All in all, I have been very impressed with Andrew’s ability to identify what was holding me back physically and mentally as a golfer and providing an individually tailored program to work on these points.”
Peter Holmshaw – Student. Has reduced scores by 10 shots in 8 months. (August 2013)


Fun, alive, committed, professional, innovative. Andrew brought the fun into golf in our house. My two boys play many sports but don’t always react well to coaching, until I asked Andrew to take care of them, he just made the game fun always trying to create new games and fun ways to challenge and teach them, golf has become an integral part of their trips to Bangkok.

As a professional I have seen him grow his business and been impressed that the focus and drive he demands from his students and is laid out in this book is not just lip service but something that he follows intently in the development of his own coaching and business career – we are very happy to have him leading the academy at Thana City Golf and Sports.
Justin Strachan – CEO and Managing Director of Absolute Golf Services, management company of Thana City Golf and Sports Club. (July 2013)


“Andrew has shown his versatility in both golf and coaching knowledge working with both myself and over a longer period with my two boys. I really wanted to improve my game but like many had doubts about how much would be expected in lessons, but the way Andrew broke down the improvements with one piece at a time has kept it simple and real progress has been made.

With the boys they just love going to golf and the oldest just wants to play all the time, his game is improving and his scores are lower but the best thing is the fun that he gets from playing, I can truly say that Andrew has played a big role in enhancing this.
Dr. Johannes Peterlik – Austrian Ambassador to Thailand (July 2013)


“In our golf lessons, of added value for my wife and I, as beginners, was the mental game of golf, as it is so obviously critical to success for us. Andrew managed to demonstrate some simple mental techniques to improve our visualization skills and helped us to relax during full swings, putting, bunker shots and chipping. Our assessment about Andrew as golf coach is that he has an exceptional way of making learning to play golf easy.

Of importance is that Andrew managed to schedule our lesson at a time that works for us as we do have a busy life. This means that we can continue to improve in all aspects of this beautiful game.

For golfers who have become frustrated with their golf game, if you are overwhelmed by swing thoughts and all the unsolicited ‘golf tips’ make contact with Andrew Knott – Perfect Swing Asia”
Lennart Ostberg – Liasion Officer Nordic Police and Customs Bangkok (July 2013)


Dear Andrew,

Following our lessons and after some rounds recently, my main issue that I have uncovered is accuracy from 130-180 yards out from the green (in order to get on the green in regulation).

In saying that, I just had my best round ever on Saturday (shot 9 over) at Thana in a Londoner’s game…this is my best score ever… (only 1 double bogey – was in the green side bunker on the 8th hole)… 2 shots to get out of the bunker after it was fried egged.

Looking forward to my next lesson to continue work on bunkering and iron approach shots.


Peter Lucas – Hospitality, Bangkok Thailand (March 2013)


Hi Andrew,

Just wanted to drop you a short note of thanks for our recent 3 day teaching session which I really enjoyed. It certainly exceeded my expectations and was the best such clinic I’ve ever attended. Your easy going, calm demeanor made it a comfortable environment. Your attention to the correct advice for “my swing” proved very effective for me. Access to putting greens, sand traps, pitching areas, etc. made it easier to put your advice into practice. And see the results.

The end result is that you’ve enthused me to become a better player and I look forward putting your ideas into practice at the driving range and golf courses in future.

I look forward to our next lesson … after I do some more practice.

Thanks again Andrew.
Cheers .. John.

John Hodge – Bangkok Thailand (December 2012)


Hi Andrew,

Just wanted to inform you that I played my first round today after getting back. Had a stellar one according my to standards, I have a handicap of 21 on the board and I shot a 16 over today! So was very happy.

Main problems were in the chips and the putting, long shots were good. (next time your passing through we know where to focus!)

Thanks a ton for your coaching, it really helped. Hope I can stick to this score and improve as time passes.
Abhir Khanna – Mumbai India (September 2012)


Hi Andrew,

Best round yet at the Nine Eagles last night. Down to 50, tee shot on the green on three of the holes! Ill keep working on it thanks again for all your help!
John Brownen – Technical services engineer Hong Kong (August 2012)


Hi Andrew,

I just have to tell you that I played the best round of golf today at Panya – 21 over par! 4 pars and 1 birdie, then of course two disaster holes and two lost balls…Chipping and pitching has already improved significantly after our lessons this weekend. Bet you we can break our 90 goal after some more practice.
Johan Olstenius – Bangkok (August 2012)


Hi Andrew,

Amazing grip! My score today at Banyan 41 front nine and 47 back nine. Many Thanks for your advice.
Patrick Coquelin – Thailand/Dubai (July 2012)

NB. Patrick’s goal when he came to see me on 26th June 2012 was to hit his irons and driver straighter, his long term goal was to break 90! He achieved this score with 2 sessions on 18th July 2012



Wanted to let you know, you did good! I went to Lakewood and shot a 91, had 5 pars and a birdie. The birdie was on the par 5, 2nd hole and my 5 iron from about 160 yards I put to 2 1/2 feet from pin on the 3rd shot. The swing adjustment you had me do did improve my game, there is room for improvement still as there were still a couple of the shots that veered to right and into bunkers.
Clayton Miles – Senior Expediting Supervisor Thailand/Korea/USA (June 2012)


Hi Andrew,

How you doing fella? Just wanted to thank you for all your efforts with my swing mate. You are a truly incredible coach and you’ll be happy to know I’m keeping up the good work. I still can’t believe how you changed my game in such a short time. It’s awesome. I loved training with you and feel I am now able to say “I’m not a bad golfer.”
Your patience and efforts bring remarkable results thanks mate..

William Henry – Financial Investments Bangkok/London/Barcelona (June 2012)


Andrew is the best advertisement for what a PGA Professional should be:

As Knights in shining armour to ranks of amateur golfers the world over – rescuing us from the onslaught of bad golfing, PGA professionals are held in awe by most of us and yet, they are often such a let down with an unhelpful, disdain for ‘silly’ questions….I had become wary of the acronym PGA Pro.

Andrew is a refreshing reminder of how its supposed to be. So helpful. So selfless. I haven’t paid him a single cent yet, and he’s been bending backwards to assist me with all my repetitive, irritating questions, running around, making calls on my behalf, trying his best to resolve my issues within a pressured time-frame. The Thailand humidity doesn’t seem to affect Andrew, he’s as cool as a cucumber!

Thanks for all your help Andrew.
Shabaz Shah – online enquiry (April 2012)


Perspective Student:

My name is Joshua Balis, I have been playing professional golf for the last 13 years. I would like to take a moment to recommend Andrew to everyone. As a professional golfer that lives solely on tournament earnings finding a swing coach can be very challenging. Andrew has the unique talent of having both a tremendous understanding of both the technical and mental aspects of golf and the ability to communicate both in a way that is effective. Often times teachers try to transform your swing to what is considered “text book” Andrew takes your swing and works with your foundation to make you the best you can be. The ability to teach both feel and technique is extremely rare. As a natural communicator Andrew is able to teach you in a way that you are able to understand and respond to, the importance of this can not be understated. As someone that has had multiple swing coaches during my career I have gained a great understanding of the intangibles that makes someone great at what they do, and I can say without hesitation Andrew has “it”. More importantly I started working with Andrew as his student and he as my coach, now I consider him my friend. I have and will continue to enjoy our partnership and friendship in the future and can confidently recommend him to any golfer of any level.
Joshua Balis – Professional Golfer Bangkok (March 2012)


Dear Andrew

I would like to thank you for your efforts to make me a better golfer. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the golf lessons and I got excellent results on the course as well (whenever my brain lasted 18 holes…). I have recommended your services to every new or old golfer I have met in Bangkok, as you were by far the best teacher I have ever taken golf lessons from and that’s not just flattery.
Kaarlo Laakso – Swedish Embassy Bangkok (March 2010)


Need a Golf trainer in Bangkok? Go and see Andrew Knott!

I owe it to him that I haven’t given up the Golf Game! Most important for me was, that he never stopped encouraging me to try again. He is one of the most committed teachers I have ever had. His training skills are exceptional; he is capable of deeply analysing student’s needs and to customize a training program. Anytime I would return to Andrew Knott to study Golf with him again.”
Andrea Waldbrunner – Bangkok Thailand (March 2011)


Myself and my son Johan age 11 have regularly practiced golf with the golf pro Andrew Knott.

Andrew has proved to be an excellent coach. He has responded to my needs in every way I could ask for. In my case I wanted go through the basics of all shots in golf. In addition to show the technique I also wanted him to explain the impact of the movements and why the ball reacts in a certain way. He has done that by examples which are very easy to understand, and which have been very useful for me in my practice.

Furthermore Andrew has by way of many examples talked and discussed the mental part of the game as well as course management. I have looked forward to every lesson and I have felt great joy and eagerness to go out and play golf after the lesson. My game has improved a lot and my confidence has got a real boost.

My son Johan started with Andrew as coach in after school activities. When he finished that he wanted to join me in my private lessons. The way Andrew has taken on Johan, and handled the situations when Johan has not managed to perform as well as he would have liked to, has made a great impression on me. Johan has improved his game tremendously and I can now enjoy playing any course with my son.

Andrew’s knowledge and professional attitude together with his warm, hospital and relaxed personality makes it easy for me to strongly recommend to anyone who wants to improve his or her game.
Conny & Johan Larsson – Swedish Embassy & NIST Bangkok (March 2011)


You have an amazing ability to adjust your teaching to the individual, keeping all the important things with in the lesson, yet getting to know the personality of your student, and the way they learn which makes a great teacher. You have a great knowledge of Golf in every aspect which you share in a interesting way keeping the attention of your students. Your energy and enthusiasm for Golf is obvious.
Deborah Lancaster – Bangkok (March 2010)


Andrew teaches golf in a relaxed friendly manner, he assesses your needs with a pre-lesson interview then you are given small targeted improvement classes. These allow for manageable changes to be made to your game without destroying your overall confidence. Andrew also realizes the game has a mental aspect to it as well so as well as the technical changes he also teaches how best to approach the game and each individual shot you make. Thus again creating a sense of confidence and stability. He also allows you time to improve outside of his classes, no pressure if felt to have to attend lessons but you can improve at your own pace. Knowing that he is there to correct any issues that may arise is comforting. I trust his methodology, what more do you need than that.
Jonathan Taylor – Professional Photographer Bangkok (March 2010)


Moving to Bkk, gave me the chance to take up golf. I heard about Andrew from a neighbour and she offered to take me along to a ladies morning. I was nervous and worried that I would not pick it up. But as soon as I meet Andrew, he came across as a calm, easy going, relaxed Professional.

He has a very good teaching manner…He remembers what he has taught you in past sessions, he is always friendly and makes each lesson enjoyable. My game has improved out of sight with Andrew’s expert training. I recommend him completely. Happy Golfing …Jules…
Julie Sorg – Bangkok (June 2011)



  • excellent motivator
  • great ability to explain various causes and effects with regard to one´s swing or posture in clear and easy understandable words/explanations
  • you always leave the lesson with the feeling of actual progress
  • great ability to see one´s strengths and weaknesses

best greetings
Arnold Obermayr – Austrian Embassy (March 2010)
P.S. played my first round under 100 (96) on Saturday!


I love Friday mornings. Every time I have lessons I leave as a new and different golf player – terrific!

It is always a pleasure to join the Ladies Golf on Fridays. Andrew is a fantastic golf pro – he knows how to teach golf and he is very good at giving you the self-confidence you need when you play golf.

We have a lot of fun when we have lessons, frustrating sometimes but very useful when you get over the barrier – the WOW! – I can feel.
Helle Sorenson – Bangkok (June 2011)


Thank you for your instruction over the past 2.5 days. As I’d said earlier, I am glad the lessons not only met what we originally sought out to achieve, it also went above and way beyond what I was expecting and most importantly, the confidence to actually head out onto the Par 3 to really start playing with the full understanding of what truly lies in a game of golf – Focus, Confidence and more importantly, Humility. I Hope the day comes soon, for me to attain the level of competency to have a fulfilling true 18-holes with you!

Once again, thank you for giving me that level of understanding and high level of instruction which I’m sure I would not have fulfilled if I were to just hit the range and keep hitting my Irons without a sense of purpose and what I’m doing.
Jeff Koo – Singapore Embassy, 3 day/2 night tuition break (July 2011)

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