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Who are Perfect Swing Asia?

All you need to know and more!

• Started in 2006 as Saffron Dreaming
• Perfect Swing Asia named 2010
• PGA professional Class AA member
• Golf coach and teacher to all levels and ages
• Mind Factor coach
• Holistic golf training
• Custom fitting
• Corporate days and clinics
• Expert opinion and information provider

“I love all sports and feel lucky enough to have been able to play and excel at many, but to be able to make golf my life and become a member of the PGA was the fulfilment of a boyhood ambition. I hope the game brings as much joy to you as it has to me – Always play for nothing more than enjoyment”
Andrew Knott

Who are Perfect Swing Asia?
Perfect Swing Asia was started in September 2010 by Andrew Knott and is a trading name of holding company Saffron Dreaming Co.Ltd, which I have been running successfully since 2006 (registered in 2008). Saffron Dreaming Co. Ltd., is a Thai registered Limited Company based in Bangkok, Thailand, where I have been residing since 2004.

PGA Professional Class AA Member
In July 2010 I gained my foundation degree in golf from the PGA of GB & I and the University of Birmingham, being elected to ‘Class A member’ status in October 2010 – with this proud achievement in place it was time to take the golf and travel business of ‘Saffron Dreaming‘ to the next stage and Perfect Swing Asia was launched.

In October 2011 after completing continual development programs in golf psychology and custom fitting I was awarded ‘Class AA member’ status, becoming the only one out of the twenty-one GB & I PGA members registered in Thailand to hold that level of membership.

What we do
Perfect Swing Asia’s core business is golf performance coaching. Throughout the 3 years I spent as an Assistant Professional with Bangkok Golf Training Centre I amassed more than 2,000 hours coaching/teaching experience – including one to one tuition of beginners and experienced golfers; juniors just starting out in the game and Junior World Champions; Group clinics for adults and juniors, including ladies coaching mornings and International School ECA programmes; Planning, running and coaching one week golf camps.

In the following years I have developed my skills and coaching to be able to provide a complete golf performance training experience, which means that what ever level you play the game at we focus purely on the skills you need to learn to improve your scores and enjoyment in golf. As well as continuing to work introducing the game to beginners and working with amateurs of varying levels I have been fortunate enough to work with some elite players and tournament professionals with exceptional results including my first professional tournament victory as a coach in May 2012 – others soon followed!

Coaching will remain at the heart of Perfect Swing Asia, I am committed to continually develop my skills and knowledge in all areas of the game to bring more enjoyment and fun to all. – At present I am the only resident teacher with Perfect Swing Asia, for larger groups I have a pool of both Foreign and Thai PGA Professionals to assist me.

Perfect Swing Asia has been launched to become a provider of quality information on all that is golf! Golf is not only one of the biggest and fastest growing sports in the world but it is also a multi billion dollar industry. With so many products – both in equipment and information (often conflicting) – available it is no surprise that the general golfing public not to mention the beginner just starting out or the parent who doesn’t play, can get so confused by it all. As a PGA Professional, I have created Perfect Swing Asia to cast an expert view over online information as a news aggregator, so you don’t have to sift through articles and blogs to find the information you really need. Perfect Swing Asia will also provide advice on offline products: books, how to choose a coach and buying the right equipment for your game. I also have my own blogs and social networking sites, keeping you up to date with what I am doing, whilst making the game and practice more interactive and fun.

Perfect Swing Asia also runs an independent custom fit service using the latest technology from PING. I will take a look at all aspects of your game providing a full report on the best equipment for you. Whilst using the latest PING technology the report is independent, you are free to take the information to any supplier to get clubs made to your specifications.

More about me
I started playing golf in 1985 joining Shooters Hill Golf Club in South East London. I instantly became addicted to the sport with my aspirations of becoming a professional cricketer, following in the family footsteps (Alan Knott), changed overnight, all attention was now on golf. Within two years my handicap was in single figures and down to 4 by the time I was 15. After leaving school at 16 I briefly worked with Mike Ridge, the Professional at Shooters Hill, before deciding on a career in the financial sector – I continued to play as an amateur both individually in local elite amateur events and representing Shooters Hill Golf Club until I moved to South East Asia in 2004, my association with the Club remains being on their records as an ‘attached Professional’.

I moved into the golfing industry in 2001 with World of Golf, becoming Senior Duty Manager in charge of their Sidcup site. I then had a brief spell out of the game when in 2004 I indulged my other passion – travel, religion and culture – moving to South East Asia as a tour leader for Intrepid Travel. In 2006 I settled in Thailand setting up my own travel company – Saffron Dreaming – by night and playing golf by day. I turned Professional soon after successfully competing in local Thai events before enrolling on the PGA’s training programme in July 2007.

Coaching and the development of my skills and knowledge: I love bringing the game to both young and old, junior world champions and total beginners, tournament professionals and social players, golf offers so much to so many. I believe first and foremost golf should be fun, you can only play your best golf when you enjoy the game itself, I strive to make every stage of learning and improvement incorporate this ethos. Secondly both teaching and playing should be kept simple, the best players keep their focus on the foundations, the simple things, especially the set up. Don’t over complicate the game and the technique! Finally golf improvement is about so much more than technique, as such I believe in an holistic approach to a players learning and development, we must be aware of improving both our mind and our body if we want to play the game better and get more enjoyment from it.

Developing Perfect Swing Asia: Becoming an information provider both online and in person allows me to take my passion for the sport and the beliefs expressed above to a much wider audience.

Playing: My real passion for the game still lies in playing and being competitive. All I ever wanted to be was a professional sportsman, simply because I love playing sports, I love being competitive and I love playing to the best of my ability which also includes a love of winning. My major goal is to play Senior Tour Golf when I turn 50 in 2022 – it will take a combination of being a successful coach, a successful businessman and a golf game that will stand up to the highest level to attain it. I believe I can do it, more importantly I will have fun trying, I am lucky enough to be involved with something I love doing.

Passing my exams and being elected to PGA Member status was a very proud achievement for both myself and my family. I owe a big debt of gratitude to many but none more so than my parents. I inherited my dad’s passion for sport and his total commitment, he has had a massive influence not only on my game but has worked hard both for Shooters Hill Golf Club and golf in Kent. Also the unwavering love of my mum, even when she would be forced to take the brunt of my disappointment at a poor performance. Thank you – I love you both.

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